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Baby Shaving

24 Nov

What is stropping or honing in terms of shaving? And why is that baby wearing a bonnet? It’s still funny anyway.


Helpful Tapeworms

19 Nov

Wow. Just… wow.

Punch Me!

14 Nov

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the child be hitting the Joker or some other villain instead of his idol? That kid’s going to make a great bad guy some day.

Pink Panties

9 Nov

The higher the pants go above your belly button, the better. I can’t believe this used to be attractive.

Epris Fragrance

4 Nov

I don’t understand your riddles!

Joan Davis and Swans?

30 Oct

“My Joanie! Your cheeks are as soft as a swan baby’s.” Who wrote for these ads?

Creepy Costumes

25 Oct

Big Bird looks angry… very angry.