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JC Penneys Summer 1969 Vintage Catalog Cover

24 Feb

Yes, lavender was once in style at JC Penney and other similar stores. A vintage catalog cover classic.

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Male pimps and his male Ho

18 Feb
Vintage Catalog Picture

, a vintage catalog image provided by: Vintage Vandalism

So funny and so wrong.

A Color Called “Fawn”: Sears Catalog 1969

28 Jan
Vintage Catalog Picture

A Color Called "Fawn": Sears Catalog 1969, a vintage catalog image provided by: nurse_marbles

How can you not like this catalog cover. It borders on the erotic. Hard to believe Sears would be in financial trouble with this type of printed material.

Frocks – Vintage Advertisement

8 Jan
Vintage Catalog Picture

Vintage Advertisement, a vintage catalog image provided by: Lee Sutton

Dainty Frocks, 1923. So vogue, so stylish, so 1920s