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Baby Shaving

24 Nov

What is stropping or honing in terms of shaving? And why is that baby wearing a bonnet? It’s still funny anyway.


Helpful Tapeworms

19 Nov

Wow. Just… wow.

1956 Blue Bird

20 Oct

Sorry for the second bus ad in a row, but I couldn’t help asking: who is in the market for a bus?

Carpenter Premier

15 Oct

She’s too excited to go to school, but I would be more excited too if I only had to carry three books instead of 40 pounds worth of them.


30 Sep

Vintage Cigarette Ad by Shandeh.

Now with extra ash to smudge onto your cheeks! Cigarettes sure do have a reputation for being clean, fresh, and smooth. This way, when you have cancer from these cigarettes, it won’t hurt as much.

Cowboy on Vespa

9 Sep

Vintage Vespa Ad by VespaLexington.
I’m going to say they’re probably not the biggest wheels ANYWHERE.


22 Aug

vintage ad for Bovril 1919 by april-mo.

Who doesn’t love a nice Bovril ride in the middle of the ocean while in your pajamas?