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10 Oct

Since when did Batman and Superman start wearing dress shoes in costume?


The Crushables

5 Oct

Princess Leia, how did you get in a Sears ad?


30 Sep

Vintage Cigarette Ad by Shandeh.

Now with extra ash to smudge onto your cheeks! Cigarettes sure do have a reputation for being clean, fresh, and smooth. This way, when you have cancer from these cigarettes, it won’t hurt as much.

Global Smoking

27 Sep

Vintage cigarette ad by ewm04.

Talk about peer pressure. If you don’t do it, you’ll be the only person in the whole world who doesn’t.

Scientific Smoking

24 Sep

Vintage cigarette ad by ewm04.

It’s hard to argue against the report from “a well -known research organization,” but just how can smoking be cool? Also, it’s not everyday you see someone using a microscope and holding a cigarette at the same time. Like there’s anything to examine in a cigarette under a microscope.

Gin and Globe

21 Sep

Vintage Gilbey's ad by Be the HBIC.
Gibley’s makes you a world-renown gin player.


18 Sep

Vintage cigarette ad by ewm04.

That’s just gross.