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25 Aug

Vintage Ad #824: Why Do We Like Gaston's Restaurant? by jbcurio.

“The atmosphere is so French?” That’s certainly a blunt way to put it. Maybe the restaurant wasn’t that great if the most important reason you liked the restaurant was because your dad owned it. What about the rest of us?


JC Penneys Summer 1969 Vintage Catalog Cover

24 Feb

Yes, lavender was once in style at JC Penney and other similar stores. A vintage catalog cover classic.

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1971 Green Stamps catalog

30 Jan
Vintage Catalog Picture

1971 Green Stamps catalog, a vintage catalog image provided by: Vintage Roadside

A bonanza of jaw-dropping 1971 fashion choices. All for a mere few books. Amber colored glasses and fields of daises are not inlcuded.

vintage G.I. Joe catalog cover

20 Jan
Vintage Catalog Picture

vintage joe catalog cover, a vintage catalog image provided by: Paratrooper Rocky

Ah, the memories of a wasted childhood. Kung Fu grip never felt so good.