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Pink Panties

9 Nov

The higher the pants go above your belly button, the better. I can’t believe this used to be attractive.


Epris Fragrance

4 Nov

I don’t understand your riddles!

What Kind of Ad is this?

16 Aug

 vintage ad by instereo007.
I’m sure the scotch is the first thing everyone is looking at. Apparently, drinking it gets you three attractive women.

Risque Barbie

13 Aug

barbie vintage ad by instereo007.

Barbie trying to look all sexy with her cocked hips and full, pouty lips. Wait a second, Barbie’s not a redhead.

Plaid Stallions Lingerie – Vintage Lingerie Catalog

27 Feb

Plaid Stallions strikes again! Although the zebra pattern confuses me in the lingerie ad.

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ManMates – Plaid Stallions Vintage Catalog Advertisement

22 Feb

Plaid Stallions by Man Mates. Thank goodness that name is trademarked. It is a keeper.

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Catalog Man Slacks and Face

11 Feb
Vintage Catalog Picture

Catalog Man Slacks and Face, a vintage catalog image provided by: lwcdnman

These ads are so awkwardly funny, I want to buy those pants, just so long as the ladies come with them.