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10 Oct

Since when did Batman and Superman start wearing dress shoes in costume?


The Crushables

5 Oct

Princess Leia, how did you get in a Sears ad?

Sta Puf

9 Jun

redbookSep63searsandstapufad by lobstar28.

Sta Puf or Stay Puft? I can see the baby now “Oh boy, a new kind of juice!”

70’s Sears Back to School Ad

4 Jun

70s sears ad - village of the damned-esque by lobstar28.

They look as though they belong in a horror film, don’t they? “Don’t make us go to school, Daddy. I would hate for the voices to come after you next.”

Sears Hat Ad

25 May

1925 Sears Catalog by HA! Designs - artbyheather.

I have never seen anything like the top middle one. Is it just me or does it look like it’s made of metal?

Out of this World! Star Wars Sleepwear Catalog Photo

20 Mar

Star Wars Catalog Clothes

Out of this World! Star Wars Sleepwear Catalog Photo

A Color Called “Fawn”: Sears Catalog 1969

28 Jan
Vintage Catalog Picture

A Color Called "Fawn": Sears Catalog 1969, a vintage catalog image provided by: nurse_marbles

How can you not like this catalog cover. It borders on the erotic. Hard to believe Sears would be in financial trouble with this type of printed material.