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Punch Me!

14 Nov

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the child be hitting the Joker or some other villain instead of his idol? That kid’s going to make a great bad guy some day.


Joan Davis and Swans?

30 Oct

“My Joanie! Your cheeks are as soft as a swan baby’s.” Who wrote for these ads?

Creepy Costumes

25 Oct

Big Bird looks angry… very angry.


10 Oct

Since when did Batman and Superman start wearing dress shoes in costume?


15 Sep

Vintage cigarette ad by ewm04.

Did he just say that? Really? It’s a bold angle, that’s for sure. Well at least they’re filtered, so you’ll die at 40 instead of 35. Thanks, Doc.

Polaroid Sunglasses

12 Sep

Vintage Ad #381: Instant Sunglasses by jbcurio.

Sunglasses you can take pictures with? Sign me up! I think the people in the ad haven’t realized they’re supposed to take the tags off, though.

Cowboy on Vespa

9 Sep

Vintage Vespa Ad by VespaLexington.
I’m going to say they’re probably not the biggest wheels ANYWHERE.