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Pink Panties

9 Nov

The higher the pants go above your belly button, the better. I can’t believe this used to be attractive.


Creepy Costumes

25 Oct

Big Bird looks angry… very angry.


25 Aug

Vintage Ad #824: Why Do We Like Gaston's Restaurant? by jbcurio.

“The atmosphere is so French?” That’s certainly a blunt way to put it. Maybe the restaurant wasn’t that great if the most important reason you liked the restaurant was because your dad owned it. What about the rest of us?

What Kind of Ad is this?

16 Aug

 vintage ad by instereo007.
I’m sure the scotch is the first thing everyone is looking at. Apparently, drinking it gets you three attractive women.

Out of this World! Star Wars Sleepwear Catalog Photo

20 Mar

Star Wars Catalog Clothes

Out of this World! Star Wars Sleepwear Catalog Photo

Male pimps and his male Ho

18 Feb
Vintage Catalog Picture

, a vintage catalog image provided by: Vintage Vandalism

So funny and so wrong.

Catalog Man Enter the Dragon

14 Feb
Vintage Catalog Picture

Catalog Man Enter the Dragon, a vintage catalog image provided by: lwcdnman

I’m so cool, this dragon is going to make me a hit with all the ladies. ah ha.